Saturday, September 18, 2010

Observe the Moon with the Rest of the Planet

Growing up in Staten Island, New York, there wasn't much night sky to see amidst the bright, orange-y glow of streetlights.

But when I was just a little girl, I got a small red telescope which we promptly pointed at the most obvious thing in the sky, the Moon.

Observing the Moon has been a part of human culture longer than any history can remember, and this great tradition continues this Saturday with International Observe the Moon Night.

InOMN has grown out of NASA's most recent missions to explore the Moon up close. The Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter has been sending back loads of pretty pictures and gobs of new science about our nearest astronomical neighbor, and the folks at NASA hosted several outreach events. This year, they are taking the idea global, with hundreds of events where participants can observe and learn about the Moon.

Find an event nearest you using their map and listing. You can even host your own event!

Many of these events are doubling as "TweetUps" or meeting of Twitter users with a similar interest. Who says that new technology is isolating?! There is even a hashtag to follow for all the lunar goodness, #InOMN10.

Maybe you fancy your self a pretty good photographer? For several weeks, InOMN is having a photo contest with separate categories for beginners and those with more experience. Submissions for this end September 23rd! This one way to share your observations of the Moon with many people, no matter where they are.

Maybe you already have Saturday plans? Maybe you know you'll be at a wedding, for example, and can't make an official event? Grab some guests and head outside to gaze at the Moon together, even if just for a few minutes. Our planet's satellite is still full of surprises and beckons exploration. But maybe you just want to see a pretty sight, or explain why the Moon has phases, or why there just is no "dark side," at least permanently. No matter where you are, take advantage of the opportunity to share the Moon with friends and fellow astronomy enthusiasts!

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