Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Satellites TELKOM-2 Indonesia

TELKOM-2 is a C-band geosynchronous communications satellite built by Orbital for Indonesia's state-owned telecommunications company, PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia Tbk (PT Telkom). TELKOM-2 was successfully launched November 16, 2005, and positioned in geosynchronous orbit, 22,300 miles above the Earth, at 118 degrees East longitude.

Based on Orbital's highly successful and flight-proven STAR-2™ spacecraft platform, TELKOM-2 features state-of-the-art communications satellite technology, and 24 C-band transponders. The new spacecraft will replace PT Telkom's on-orbit Palapa-B4 satellite, improve communications coverage across Indonesia, and allow PT Telkom to expand its coverage area into southeast Asia and the Indian subcontinent.

In addition to providing the spacecraft bus and payload, Orbital is supplementing Telkom's existing ground segment through the addition of a state-of-the-art ground station including all hardware and software. Orbital is also providing extensive mission operations support.
Repeater: two groups of 15-for-12 linearized traveling wave tube assemblies (TWTAs)
Transponder Power: 39 watts RF
Stabilization: 3-axis, zero momentum
Launch mass: 1,930 kg (4,255 lbs)
Mission life: 15 years (>15 years of fuel)
TELKOM-2 was successfully launched on November 16, 2005. Related Posts with Thumbnails




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